Le Pain Quotidien

Master Harvest Programma – Brussel

Master Harvest Programma



Department:  Operations

Reports To:   Direct Coach and in Store Manager

Region:   Belgium, France, UK




We are looking for hosts, memorable hosts, driven by Le Pain Quotidien values: authenticity, conviviality, quality and simplicity.


We create meaningful connections. One bakery-restaurant, one neighbourhood and one guest at a time. Our hosts are:
ambitious     convivial     curious     dedication     dreamer     energetic    flexible      humble    passionate    positive    impact




A leadership and growing program designed to create future LPQ leaders true to our Brand Promise.




  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree preferably in business or hospitality management
  • Speak plural languages
  • Flexibility in schedule with the ability to work early mornings, weekends and national holidays
  • Displays the 10 desired Le Pain Quotidien qualities



  • Be passionate about food, health and sustainability
  • Have the ability to be solution oriented with a passion and desire to “get to yes”
  • Have the ability to maintain a professional appearance at all times and display a positive and enthusiastic approach to all assignments
  • Have the ability to exhibit a cheerful and helpful attitude and provide the desired LPQ guest service
  • Have the ability to adapt to a fast-changing environment




  • Create meaningful connections
  • Be part of something great
  • Be part of a mission that has a positive impact on people’s life
  • Access to different leaderships and learn from them
  • Chance to try out different areas and work environments
  • The opportunity to experience, in depth, a variety of departments
  • The opportunity to discover new passions
  • A Coach / Mentor will be assigned during the whole program and follow your growth path
  • A familial, dynamic and constant learning, training and development culture
  • A playful yet professional and non-judgemental working environment
  • Long term career opportunities
  • Get the best, not the most out of you
  • We encourage diversities and different personalities




  • A full-time employee status
  • A competitive salary package
  • Hospitality insurance after 6 months
  • Growing opportunities after the MHP



The Master Harvest Program is a 6-month traineeship offered by Le Pain Quotidien, the first of its kind in the hospitality sector in Belgium. The traineeship consists in following various modules giving access to the position of the Store Assistant Manager and possibly (results-based) access to a position at the Support Center.

The idea is to learn basics of the business by working first as a team member, then as a chef d’équipe, team leader and finally as a Store Assistant Manager. The program offers a unique opportunity to climb up the Le Pain Quotidien hierarchy within a very short period of time.






Step n°1 – One month on the field

During this first month, the candidate is trained for the different positions in the restaurant (e.g. cashier, runner, responsible for openings/ closings, kitchen porter, barista, etc.).

He/she will have the chance to participate in :

  • Harvest Day Class: during our Harvest Day, we “harvest” and share our experiences of our training on the floor. We make a deep dive in the history of Le Pain Quotidien and discover our brand values and culture map.
  • Master Baker Class: On our Master Baker Class, we get to know the core of our business. We visit L’Atelier du Pain and get the opportunity to create meaningful connections with our bakers who work for us day and night to prepare our organic sourdough breads and viennoiserie. We train our product knowledge in order to inform our guests properly and to make sure they can trust us.

Step n°2 – One month in the kitchen 

The candidate will take up the challenge of learning how to cook each of the Le Pain Quotidien dishes in one month. Within this period of time, he/she will learn how to place orders, how to open and close a kitchen by his/her own and most importantly how to deal with stress.

He/she will have the chance to participate in:

  • Master Kitchen Class: During our Master Kitchen Class, we improve our kitchen skills: We prepare our dishes in “Masterchef-style” and under supervision of the chef. We also learn lots of tips & tricks. We learn about the importance of a good management and maintenance of our kitchen and material. We learn to be careful in our work and always aim for the highest quality so that our guests can trust us. Finally we talk about our F&B-vision and about how our dishes are created.
  • Hygiene & First Aid Class: this training consists of 2 parts: In the morning, we learn about the importance of strict hygiene processes, and how to put these processes in practice, so our guests can always have trust in Le Pain Quotidien. In the afternoon we learn to have the right reflexes in case of a medical urgency, i.e. when a guest gets unwell or when a family member burns him/herself.

Step N°3 – Four months in Store Management à Get down to business !

After 3 months as a team member, the candidate will learn how to supervise openings and closing shifts. To get there, he/she will first be trained as a chef d’équipe during one week, then as a team leader during another week. Finally, we’ll evaluate if the candidate is up to the task and see if he/she is ready to step up!

During this final phase, the candidate will have to follow numerous training sessions to complete his/her Master Harvest Program.

  • Immersion as a Teamleader, Assistant Manager and General Manager position
  • Daily Management Class
  • LPQ-X(perience) classes: how to inspire and empower your team to realize our desired guest experience.
  • Casting Class: how to cast (recruit) memorable hosts.
  • Leadership Class: how to create a community, coach, inspire and empower your team.
  • Create International Meaningful Connections
  • Learn Best Practices
  • Final MHP Growing Status & Traditional Baguette Ceremony