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We are looking for hosts, hostesses, inspired by our values in order to create meaningful connections one restaurant, one neighbourhood, one guest at a time.
Everyday, our teammates make the difference in our guest experience.

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We are hosts, driven by our core values: conviviality, authenticity, quality and simplicity.

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Our family spirit

Our family spirit

At Le Pain Quotidien, we contribute to creating an environment where we can make everyone feel welcome, at home and appreciated in order for our workplace to be our second home.


Growth and growing are essential so that our family members can feel appreciated. At Le Pain Quotidien, we encourage our family members and lead them into their professional and personal fulfilment.



Everyday we choose to passionately invest ourselves and we are recognized for our commitment and investment. We have the privilege and ability to change our guests’ and family members’ day. We are rewarded for and recognized for our hard work and caring Le Pain Quotidien mentality.


We encourage innovation and creativity among our teammates in order to exceed the expectations of our guests. We make the day of our guests and family members alike and deliver so that our guests and colleagues can trust Le Pain Quotidien.


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Suggestions of the week
Farmer's brunch in Antwerp
Artisanal pies from Limburg
Tartines from Flemish Brabant
Organic breakfast in Brussels
Local drink in West-Flanders
Energizing lunch in East Flanders
Afternoon tea in Walloon Brabant
Organic croissants from Namur
Detox salad from the Support Center

Grow Organically with Le Pain Quotidien

Grow organically with Le Pain Quotidien Farming Academy

Just as the farmer meticulously picks out his organic seed, plants it in a fertile soil, takes care of it so that it grows into a healthy plant full of nutriments, at Le Pain Quotidien we follow the same path and take care of each member of our family so that our team members can learn and flourish as an individual and as family member of Le Pain Quotidien.

The LPQ Farming Academy is our training field, where we inspire each other and harvest each other’s experiences in order to create meaningful connections.